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Our vision at Tiysol Corporation is to make our company grow consistently while being committed to provide unsurpassed quality and aiming for customer satisfaction. We see that there are many manual processes are being used which lack use of technology. We at Tiysol aim to create perfect automated software solutions. We provide solutions that are highly apt for your requirements and they show a hand and glove fitment. We work around your requirements in such a manner that our solutions facilitate your business and thereby leverage it in the right direction. In that respect we deliver solutions that have extended benefits for our clients and are not only commercially viable, rather they help in creating a unique professional bonding with them. Our solutions are made in such a manner that they are efficient, flexible & appropriate to rapidly respond to the escalating needs of our clients.

Tiysol Corporation intend to provide premier services to our customers from an environment that is highly ethical, and offers teamwork and creativity along with performance. We believe in delivering value and that too 'On Time' to build a strong relation based on its performance so that the name Tiysol becomes synonym for "provider of PERFECT IT solutions".



Internship & Training

We provide internship and training to new comers and prepare a good base so that a solution can be perfect and can be completed in less time

Project Development

Trainees who become eligible for Development are picked up from our own training centers and assigned task under senior developers and mangers.

Blog development

To enhance and share tech knowledge we have our own blog which is used to explain any problem and technical issues faced during development so that it becomes easy for other developers to gain knowledge.


We work as your IT partner

You have a business but do not know about IT. We are here for you. We will work together with you and will take care of IT part so that you can focus on your business.

Pre-Built solution for faster response:

We have pre built many products like Single vendor E-Commerce website, Multi-Vendor E-commerce, School ERP, Billing Software for easy and smooth billing etc. We can customize it according to your need and can deliver you very soon to start your business fast. Check our products here.