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About us

Tiysol is all about a perfect IT solution which provides effective and flexible technology and business solutions. It is headquartered in new Delhi, India. Tiysol was founded in 2015 with a vision to make customer feel that they can rely on us for a perfect IT solution.

We are a IT company dedicated to providing solutions to the customers in many verticals like Infotainment, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, and e-commerce.

Tiysol started after experienced Software Architects, Business Analysts and IT Consultants joined hands to form a company with a difference to provide a perfect solution to the customer in very short period with quality.


Why Choose Us

We are FUN to work with

We treat each and every people associated with the organization as a family. We do not believe in formality and believe that strong and comfortable environment is very much necessary for healthy relationship. We make our developer to feel comfortable and flexible and hence our developer take care of client properly and treat client problem as their own problem.

Geek Squad: 24/7 Support

24/7 Techies delivers tech support services for our customers' and we guarantee an outstanding experience. Once we come to know your problem, the problem becomes ours and you will experience the solution in very short time.

Committed to Quality

Serving a company’s IT and critical network needs is a HUGE responsibility that we take that very seriously. It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to serve a company in an excellent manner. If we cannot succeed in an excellent manner because of value differences – we simply don’t pursue the opportunity.

We talk plain English

We want you to understand what we are doing and what the problem is. No geek-speak here! Everything will be communicated to you.

A proven track record

Unlike others in our industry, we can prove and show you how we deliver Peace of Mind, Less Downtime, Faster Problem Resolution, Data Protection, Money Savings, Streamlined Communications, and Simplicity in IT management for you.

Wide spectrum of Skills and Experience

You will get here each and every solution of IT problem . Apart from development and support we give training and internship too so that we can provide better solution to client by adopting new technology.

What our clients say

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